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Management Team

Irwin Naturals, Inc.

Klee Irwin

Chief Executive Officer and Chairman

27-years ago, Klee Irwin founded Irwin Naturals with a simple mission – to heal the world with plant medicine. He had no equity or bank financing. So, he formulated products to have curiously potent effectiveness relative to competitors – since word-of-mouth was his only hope against larger companies that put more money into advertising than ingredient cost. A cult brand emerged over the years, and his company now leads in most categories in which it competes. He has taken a philanthropic approach and has, for ethical reasons, chosen to sell CBD at less than half the price of virtually all competitors.

Philippe Faraut

Chief Financial Officer and Director

Philippe brings over 20 years of senior CPG financial management and leadership expertise to the Company. He was a Managing Partner of Bastiat Partners from 2016 to 2020 and Chief Investment Officer for Knight Global, a leading family office with a diversified asset portfolio from 2015 to 2016. Philippe started his finance career at Merrill Lynch in the Consumer Retail group in New York and held senior positions at the Sage Group and Intrepid Investment bankers. He holds a Masters of Business Administration from the Anderson School at UCLA (1999).